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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello, I'm DestiossDezak and I have Asperger Syndrome. I've been drawing almost all of my life and I think it's about time I shared it with the world. Dragons are the main thing I like drawing but occasionally I will draw other things like just plain fantasy monster thingy ma jigglies. Usually I'm pretty shy in the real world but the internet meeting new people is a lot easier, regardless of age, gender or if they half the planet away (which most of them do), or that house I went past 3 minutes ago.

Check out my gallery and beware of Boonjis...

Krypton Fan Stamp by NobilisKryptonCrys Stamp by EalaainQueenfirelily stamp by xXRavenwoodXx
What would you taste like to a cannibal?

Created by Recipe Star


POSITOSS LIVES! (and other stuff)

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 25, 2014, 11:53 PM
Although the comic was stopped in it's tracks last year, the novelization is 6 chapters in (further than the comic) and I'm still working on it.

In a failed attempt to end an endless conflict. Positoss and 3 other warriors find themselves on a mysterious planet (Earth) in the year 2118 at the mercy of it's military. Little do they know their true enemies are closer than they think.

RANT (and analysis)
You're all tired of me complaining about my stepfather but listen to this.
Yesterday, I had just woke up so I go to the kitchen... 
Suddenly he comes in and tells me he was their first, so I wait for him while looking in the pantry and he tells me to get out. 
I had no way of knowing he was their first as I had just got up but he spoke to me as if I did and pulls out a crumpet to "prove" it. 
Then he loses it and calls me a "Selfish little bastard" over the fact that I was standing in the same room as him while he did something, says he has more of a right to use the kitchen and live here than me and says "If you're gonna look at me like you just ate dog crap you can go pick up all of it." So I had to go do that before I even get a chance to eat or drink anything.

Here's what's wrong with what he said/did...

1. He calls me "selfish" for having no way of knowing he was in there.
2. He's being hypocritical by calling me selfish then saying he has more of a right to just about anything, which clearly indicates he's the selfish one.
3. He's treating an honest mistake like an offence.
4. He's made another lose respect for him. (my cousin heard him and agrees he's wrong)
5. He's being hypocritical again by showing me a plain crumpet and still insisting I'm the lazy one. (even if he didn't call me lazy this time in particular)
6. He's just plain being an A-hole. (saying my face looks like I ate dog crap despite the fact I was pulling a completely straight face and having a face that screams "**** you" the whole time)

And in case he's reading this...

I honestly hate the fact that I have to hate him this much, I really do, okay?
But after every time he's demanded respect without earning it (respect is a thing you earn no matter who you are), called me a smart-ass when I'm just trying to explain something, called me a lazy disrespectful bastard despite the fact I've done everything he's told me to, completely ignored the fact my Asperger's and ADHD makes some things difficult, yelled at me for every little thing I do wrong, called me a liar (when I'm telling the truth) until I say what you want to hear and after all this and every time you've insisted "fascism" is the best thing ever invented...
How the hell am I supposed to live happily under the same roof as him?!

I was honestly looking forward to starting a "new" life with him and his kids but we've got to the point where his hideous grinning face makes me want to puke.

You were a cool stepfather. I didn't screw that up for you, you screwed that up for yourself.


School's starting again soon. I guess it'd be nice to see my friends again, I've chosen Art and Media for my electives so that'd be pretty cool (I hope) but that's all I'm really looking forward too. I never really was a fan of much of the people there...

Sorry for the not uploading for so long everyone, hopefully I can start again soon.

Happy Australia Day Everyone :D

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If you try to take her from me, I'll kill you. *holds up torture spoon*

jks XD Hahaha Everyone reading this right now, scroll back up the page and watch Aidan. NOW. HE'S EPICCCCC!!! >:3 I mean like seriously, this guy right here, is the coolest guy I know ;u; GIVE HIM YOUR LOVEEEEE <3

Australia day... who do you want flying in front of a colourful background with Aussie flags this year? 

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Thank you!!! ^^ Yes, I had a great day!!
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it's a shame we don't speak more these days :C
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Thank youuuu!! I did, and I agree :C... *sends skype stuffs*
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Hello again

if you don't know who I am 
I'm :iconlemonzezt:
DestiossDezak Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright, hello
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Nothing much, my friend ruining my sleep patterns, Easter. You? 
BloodLustingCreature Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aidan, I dunno if you know how much you mean to me, so I'm here to tell you just that. You're like the brother I'd actually want to have. You've been there for me at times when I needed someone and you've always made me laugh. You're really good at that <3 I'm sorry that life hasn't been entirely fair to you and I hope that things will get better soon, if they haven't yet. I know we don't talk as much as we used to but I'm still always here if you need me.  Thanks for being my friend 
DestiossDezak Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks Kairee, I'm glad you think of me that way and I know we don't talk much any more but you can still talk to me (somehow) if you need to. Thanks for returning the favour and letting me rant about stuff to you too. Things for me are more tolerable now than they were when you posted that comment (sorry for taking so long btw) I'm beginning to use my stepfather's antics as a way of making other people laugh (they know they shouldn't though but meh xD). You mean a lot to me too and I should probably start using skype again so we can talk more.
Until then, thanks for being my friend too c': 
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Thanks 4 the watch

But dat webcam dou
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